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Final Performance October 1, 2022

How to Dance in Ohio is a heart-filled new musical that explores what it means to belong, the courage it takes to put yourself out in the world, and the universal need to connect. Based on Alexandra Shiva's award-winning documentary, the musical follows the challenges and triumphs faced by a group of seven autistic young adults at a counseling center in Columbus, Ohio. With the support of clinical psychologist Dr. Emilio Amigo, the center arranges a spring formal dance, and encourages them as they encounter love, fear, stress, excitement, and hope along the path to human connection.

Perspective Statement

The How to Dance in Ohio team acknowledges that there are varying terms used to describe disability, autism, autistic individuals, and other subject matters in this production. We strive to reflect our understanding of the terms preferred by our cast, creative team, and autistic self-advocates. It is possible that a perspective was not heard, a term is outdated, or language has evolved. Your opinions and feedback are important to us so, email feedback@howtodanceinohiomusical.com to open up the conversation if you believe there is something we missed. We’d be so grateful to hear from you!